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Press Quotes


"FyreSky continued the rich vein of talent with a theatrical show.../...Their choruses were highly memorable and easily absorbed. 'Pleasure For Pain' struck us with with an excellent riff"


"FyreSky probably had the most charisma and obvious imagery tonight."

 "The anthems being exposed to us tonight were comprehensive and robust and each layered in their styles."


"The mix was good and each track was robust and delicate in the deliverance, yet they hit your timpani’s like a sledgehammer wrecking through the walls of a derelict mansion."



 "Absolutely amazing. The front man is a truly unique vocalist and the band, costumed up, are eye catching and exciting."

"The band’s gothic undertones blend brilliantly with their hard rocking beats and grooves and, like so many band’s here today, you feel like you could watch them play for much, much longer."

 "A seriously advanced beast." 



FyreSky have just released their first album entitled ‘The Grand Illusion’, and what a debut album it is! I make no excuses"

"As they display their distinctive dark Gothic but beautifully melodic songs it is not hard to see why they have been given so many shining accolades."


"With stage presence in abundance from all members of the band they have quickly built a solid following in the North. FyreSky are a band that I tip for greatness"


"Superb song writing and genius arrangements.../..."

They finish with an unbelievably fantastic version of ‘Ashes’. If you have never seen them live, then you have never witnessed the true greatness that is FyreSky"

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