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Goth Rock that seeps into your soul...

Kris White - Backing Vocals and Bass

Ben 'Bruce' Green - Backing Vocals and Drums


Gabriel Valentine - Lead Vocals and Guitar


Nicole Lastauskas - Backing Vocals and Guitar

  • We'll see you at BLOODSTOCK!
    We made it the entire way through Metal 2 The Masses Kent and were announced by Simon Hall to be the band representing Kent at Bloodstock Festival. We cannot wait!
  • We'll be on the same stage as Lordi!
    We're playing Hammerfest 2023 and we're on the same day as Lordi!
  • Our new and final drummer!
    Please welcome Ben 'Bruce' Green. Go to our about us section to find out more.
  • Dummer Announcement
    Sadly our drummer David is suffering the effects of long-covid. He will be taking a hiatus over the coming months from the band. We fully suipport him in this, please join us in sending him love. All live shows will continue ahead with thanks to 'Sam Panter' providing us with dep drumming duties. You may recognise him from previously joining forces with Gabriel and Kris in Last SuperHeroes.
  • Lockdown extended
    Hey guys, yesterday we had the news that stage 4 of the lockdown had been extended, unfortunatley this meant the cancellation of our Metal 2 the Masses gig. All is not lost however, as we are still in with a chance, the judges will decide on 3rd July which band they feel should go on to play Bloodstock. This will be based on many things including social media presence. Please continue to support us exactly as you always have! Stay Safe Gabriel, Kris, Nicole and David.
  • A New Member of the Family
    FyreSky have a 'brand spanking new' drummer. We are very happy to announce that joining the FyreSky family is - David 'Spanky' Pankhurst We are so impressed with the level of hard-work, musicianship, commitment to the band and friendship he has shown. Catch him behind the kit at one of our upcoming shows and give him a warm welcome to the family. HIs bio and pictures have been uploaded to our 'about us' page so have a read and scare him with your Spanky knowledge! Gabriel, Kris, Nicole and David
  • Urgent Announcement!
    Hey everyone. Some of you may have noticed, but Ryaan has been inactive in patreon and on the band's main socials of late, and it's time to tell you why. It is with sadness that we announce Ryaan's decision to step down from FyreSky,; something he's been wrestling with since late April this year, and decided to make his decision final 3 and a half weeks ago, we had a good rehearsal with him prepping for M2TM, but its best we part ways here. His decision hasn't come lightly, its been a mental battle, and we've included a brief statement below. "I've been thinking since my last post. I think it's time for me to step down from the band. I feel like I've grown & done as much as I can within the band, I don't feel the passion that I did 2 years back & I feel over the last year I've been at a big turning point. With my solo music, starting freelancing, wanting to hone my craft, travel more & move to America, I don't see the band in my vision anymore, which hurts me to say, but I would rather leave off my own accord.../... I wasn't going to say anything but something spoke to me today, something inside told me after deliberating about this for ages, that today is the right day." His decision wasn't a shock to us, after all you need to do what makes you happy, and keeps you sane. So we wish him all the best moving forward with his solo work as "Sandman" make sure to have a listen across all popular streaming services. HOWEVER... We have some good news to come, and we'll be giving you updates over the coming weeks! Keep your eyes peeled, and as always, be excellent to each other. Gabriel, Kris, Nicole, and .... 🖤🌹🖤
  • A new Chapter - Pole-Starchaser (WARNING - PUNS AHEAD)
    FyreSky are absolutely over the moon to announce that we've joined up with Polestar Music Management, who has been collaborating with us and charting our course for the last few months behind the scenes. Mark and the team have been an invaluable help during this mad lockdown and been helping us refocus and rebuild so that we come back bigger and better than ever before! Much love to our Polestar family - and Bring out the Darkness! Gabriel, Kris, Ryaan and Nicole.
  • Epic news, and Autumn/Winter 2018"
    As the band have been studio-bound apart from a few epic shows, the news here on the site has been slow, but events have been moving quickly! Here's a current State-of-Play! Killer show happened in Chelmsford, with Trash Monroe and Torque Armada in support. It was an epic night with so many of you coming back to us and helping us celebrate Halloween and Gabriel's Birthday. Vids and pics all over social media currently. New endorsements! - Gabriel has been endorsed by BLACKSTAR AMPLIFICATION ! - Kris has become brand-ambassador for OPTYK ROZMUS and DR STRINGS ! Major shows! - Calendar updated with two final events for the year, 30th November @ Railway Hotel Southend supporting Sick N Beautiful, 29th December @ Chinnerys with White Raven Down, Killatrix, and Minerva Falls! Studio work coming along very nicely! - The title of the album has been decided, and with all the guitars due to be finished on November 25th, we're looking forward to dropping multiple teasers of artwork, sounds, and bio through to release in mid-spring!
  • Awesome Details  - Very Metal Art
    It's been out now for a little while, but here's the Lyric Video for our single Pleasure for Pain! Please enjoy and check out Andy's other work on their website -
  • Another Raven gets its Wings
    UPDATE - As we teased over our social media in the lead up to our final show of 2019, we are honoured to introduce you to the newest member of the band, NICOLE Nicole has been working harder than we could have hoped or imagined while supporting us after Sam's departure, and we're over the moon that she accepted our offer to join! An added bonus is that she earns the same Blackstar Amplification endorsement as Gabriel for being part of FyreSky! Her artist page, rig details etc will be on the site soon; and we're already getting used to signing off, Gabriel, EvilKris, Ryaan, and Nicole. FyreSky
  • Recent updates:
    The year has been passing quickly; with the release of The Grand Illusion, and the subsequent shows thereafter, you may have noticed that both the upkeep of this site, and the amount of shows we have done, that all was not well for FyreSky. It's unfortunate, but due to continual challenges and changes to availability, FyreSky had to avoid booking shows, and we have rehearsed less and less this year than before, and for that we apologise. You may have seen on our other social media that this has lead to FyreSky parting ways with Sam Layzell. None of us wanted this to happen, but with the changes to his personal circumstances and the challenges that have come with it, the band was likely to not continue past the end of the year. So we say a massive thank you to Sam. A farewell, as we will always remain friends. Sam has been a part of FyreSky from the beginning, and we hope that he'll be able to pick up his guitars and play piano full time in the future. So with this, it's important to let you know THIS IS NOT THE END. We have already started the process of writing new material, rehearsing often, and have been borrowing Nicole from Lets Be Strange to cover Sam's parts for the last few shows of this year. We will be announcing the next plans as they are finalised, so thank you for your support, and watch this space! Gabriel.
  • Summer Update: Enjoy the Silence ;)
    After a successful run of shows with our Brothers in THE HERETIC ORDER - We've gone a little quiet. This is because we've finally entered the studio to create our Debut full-length record! This will be a 10-track minimum endeavour, and we're investing every ounce of energy and passion we have into creating something that brings a true reflection of how far we've come, and how far all your support has doubled our successes. Keep an eye on the horizon, for with the passing of the day a new sound filters through on the wind... The Morrigan flies again.
  • Full Tour announcement 2018 !
    It's official, the Goth Quartet are heading out on the road once again with our brothers, The Heretic Order. On top of this, at the midpoint we have the honour of hosting the incredible Aonia at our headline show at Camden's Unicorn ! Check the image below for details. More shows to be announced for later in 2018. Valentine, EK13, Layzell and Sandham.
  • Bringing the thunder!
    2017 was a brilliant year for fyresky; having achieved many goals they set out for at the beginning. ​The journey into 2018 begins...
  • FyreSky's First Ever Full Length Release!
    On the back on FyreSky's 3rd release; They are making slightly less noise for the first few months of the year as they are in the process of writing their first full length album before heading back to the studio to record it! More details to come...
  • Dames Of Darkness Festival
    Fyresky were privileged to be given the opportunity to play the biggest gig of their career. On Sunday 20th August they became the first ever male fronted band to play at the international metal festival "Dames of Darkness" at the Robyn 2 in Bilston! Head over to their Facebook page to see them in action!
  • Village Green Festival 2017
    Fyresky opened the main stage of local essex festival, Village Green in Chalkwell park on saturday 8th July as part of their prize for winning the Essex Undiscovered live music competition that happened earlier on in the year. Head over to the Fyresky Youtube channel to see them in action!
  • Undiscovered Live Competition​
    Fyresky entered the Undiscovered live music competition and are thrilled to announce they won heat 7, Semi finals 2 and were then announced best band of 2017!

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